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Fundraising With Travel 

A Creative Way To Meet Your Funding Needs

Whether you want to care for the needs of children, rescue animals, support the arts or serve our community in any other manner, one things for sure there never seems to be enough funding to do all you would like to do. YTG can help you to reach all of your funding goals. Just a few of the ways YTG can raise funds for you:

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  • Silent Auctions - Donors feel more as if they are big prize winners more than simply making a donation to a worthy cause.


  • Cruises - A fundraising cruise is a win-win for everyone. Gives your donors the satisfaction of helping a worthy cause, sends them on a fantastic vacation, and in many cases the cruise line matches your donation amounts! (How cool is that!)

  • Local or Destination Wine Tasting - Sip your favorite vino while you raise needed funds and enjoy a great time with friends and colleagues.



Find out about other programs that may be available to you and your organization or group.

Let's choose a program that fits your organization's needs today!

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