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Cheryl  "YourTravelGurl" Stanford


Hey there thanks for visiting YourTravelGurl's Marketing page.

Wanna know how I went from working

over 25 years in corporate america to

traveling the world and helping others

do the same?

Well I'm probably not that different from

many of you. I did what I was told I was

Suppose to do, you know get an education,

so I could get, not just job but a "Good Job".

I mean we do what we're told we're suppose to do.

We want to be able to provide well for our families, right?

But have you ever walked into a job or a situation and even though it was what everyone said you were Supposed to be doing, deep down inside you knew it wasn't what you Should be doing or worst,  what you were Always meant to do?

That's exactly where I found myself over and over again. I knew working a traditional job would Never  bring me the satisfaction or impact I wanted to achieve, but wasn't quite sure what direction I wanted to go in. Sound familiar to anyone?

The Shift

                                                          I kept hearing people say just "do                                                                    what you love." Well I loved traveling,                                                              going to sporting events and                                                                            concerts, was someone going to pay                                                               me for that?

                                                          Turns out yes someone will pay me                                                               for my passions! (Who knew?!) And                                                              so started my journey of learning                                                                  how to craft amazing dream              vacations, getting clients court side at sporting events or coordinating meet and greets to see your favorite performer.


Now don't get me wrong, there is  nothing wrong with working a "job". For years my job brought multiple houses and cars. Took my family on many trips and adventures letting us live a fairly comfortable life. But every time I would come back to work the only thing I wanted to do was plan my next getaway. Little did I know I was practicing for the next chapter of my life. One that would be just "doing what I love". 


So from coordinating fundraising travel, to destinations, to sporting events and concerts I  now find myself working twice as hard and long as I ever have before but....... 

Wanna know the best part of all of this? I finally LOVE what I do!!!!!

My Mission

I've learned soooo much along my ever changing journey that I want to share, in hopes that it will be of benefit to some of you! When I set out on this adventure I said to myself "go all in or don't go at all". My mission and commitment to you all is no different.


So to my nonprofits and others seeking to raise funds for the people and causes closest to your hearts. My mission is to help you stay on your mission of providing the needed services and resources to your clients without worrying about how those provisions will be funded. 

Calling all destination and adventure seekers! Are you tired of combing through hours of online travel sites looking for the perfect getaway for you or your family and wonder if you really got the best value? I don't "book it" until we have tailored YOUR unique vacation the way YOU want it! Take advantage of years of experience and relationships with 100's of travel providers to make your next vacation one you'll be talking about for years to come.

Ever wonder how those people always seem to get the best seats at events or are even able to meet and greet their favorite performers? They probably used a travel advisor. I take pride in making your outing a once in a lifetime event! From  sporting events to concerts who do you know that would like the VIP treatment?

P.S. Whew that was a lot of words I know! Well here's everything summed up in a nutshell:

MY GOAL - is simply to use my experience and skill set to  improve and impact peoples lives so profoundly, that when it comes to travel, fundraising and entertainment they couldn’t imagine going back to the old way of doing things.


     Always Here To Take You There

Beach Antics!


Don't know where to start for your next fundraiser or vacation? Then contact YTG for ideas and exclusive deals happening right now!


    Tel:    716-202-9544      



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